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I'm delighted you are visiting my site!  Our Faith Mothers are so eager to be our spiritual companions.  Come spend time with these amazing women who have nurtured the Christian tradition:

 - Be nourished by their courage!

 - Be inspired by their fidelity!
 - Be encouraged by their wisdom!

 - Be graced by their presence!

Come be joyful and blessed in the abundant inheritance they have given us!

Our Mission

Inspired by the voices, wisdom, and fidelity of the women who have nurtured the Christian tradition, it is my sincere hope to companion women and men of faith in their journeys with God, serving the nourishment of their spirits, and helping them to receive the many spiritual gifts we have inherited from our faith parents.

Unique Approach

All of our retreats are grounded in the practice of The Dialectical Written Prayer Method, a guided written spiritual practice which links the past with the present and allows both to speak truth. 

Dialectical prayer creates relationships with those who have gone before us - we are changed when we bring our full selves to the process;  and they are changed when we receive their gifts in new ways.

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