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Frequently Asked Questions .....


For whom are these retreats offered?

Are you longing for a place where you can be quiet with God?

Do you wish to deepen your faith experience or spiritual practice?

Do you wish to find a new way of praying?

Do you want to spend time with a particular holy person?

Are you a leader in your church or organization?

Do you want to share your faith journey with others and be a witness to theirs?

Are you “responsible” for the faith formation of other adults?

 If you answered "yes" to any of these questions, then one of these retreats might be just what your spirit is calling for right now.  Call me and let's create something special together for your faith community.


What happens on a retreat?

In addition to structured time for prayer, study, and reflection, retreats offer a kind of interior spaciousness that we all need.  In between group modules, there is time for rest, for personal prayer, for being in community, walking, etc..  Breaking bread together over meals is another way we bring ourselves into the presence of God.  All KarenMarie Retreats programs generally include:  opening and closing prayer or worship service, guided instruction in the Dialectical Written Prayer Method©, lecture with theological and historical reflection, and facilitated discussions / harvesting of spiritual gifts.  Retreats are designed to include 15 hours of program time, in 3 hour segments.

Are these retreats only for Catholics?

While my spiritual practices grow out of my Catholic Christian faith, I believe that spiritual Truth is found in all the great traditions when lived earnestly and with a commitment to listening for the voice of God in all that we do.  Theological discussions certainly play a role in making a retreat, but it is the spiritual work – the personal relationship we have with God – and fruits of that work I am most interested in.  I welcome women and men from all faith traditions to join these retreats.  It’s my hope that the space I’m creating will be a safe and gentle home for all seekers, no matter their faith tradition.


Are these retreats only for parishes?

No!  Any faith-based organization or group may contract me to host a retreat program!  Do you work at a school or hospital and need to coordinate a retreat for your staff?  Call me!  Are you part of a big family and want to host a family retreat?  Call me!  However creative you can be in imagining how to build a group of retreatants, trust that God is even more creative in meeting our needs in that place!

Are these retreats only for women?

No!  While the retreats are designed with women's spirituality in mind, the retreats are open to all, and I believe that men will receive many graces and gifts from our Faith Mothers, whose wisdom is gift for the whole Church and the world, and not only for women.


What makes your retreats unique?

The hallmark element to my retreat work is the spiritual writing practice I have created called The Dialectical Written Prayer Method©.  This method combines some classic prayer practices such as Centering Prayer and Lectio Divina, with a written element that brings into immediate relationship a saint or holy person who can open the eyes of our hearts to the gifts God wants to give us.  Every program I offer uses the Dialectical Written Prayer Method© as a key component of spiritual nourishment.  Read more about it here!


So how do we book you for a retreat?
All programs happen onsite at YOUR church or facility.  Once you’ve reviewed all the program offerings and checked your calendar, simply get in touch with me via email or phone to initiate the process.  We’ll set up a time to talk about program intentions, logistics, and costs, etc., and then move forward from there.


Can you tell us about the artwork in your logo?

Absolutely!  This painting was created for me by a client I knew when I worked at the Western Montana Mental Health Center.  It is a one-of-a-kind piece designed for me using the colors that I requested, but the design is entirely the artist’s!  The fluidity and movement of the piece, its passion and power, moved my spirit from the moment I saw it and it continues to be one of my favorite works of art.  All rights reserved.

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