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Incidental Costs

Travel Differential:  The first six hours of travel are included in your retreat program.  For travel of more than 6 hours, please add 10% to the program fee.

Transportation:  Tolls, mileage reimbursement in excess of 50 miles RT, parking if needed, airfare and ground transportation if needed.  Mileage reimbursement is 20¢ per mile (compared to the federal reimbursement rate of 54¢ per mile).

Accommodations:  No need for a hotel!  A private room in a retreat center, rectory, convent, or parishioner’s home is fine!


Meals:  If overnight accommodations are needed, then a $25 per day meal stipend is requested (or access to meals that are provided for participants).

Additional costs:  Refreshments or meals as needed for participants.  A/V screen and sound as needed. 

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