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Sliding Scale

Scaled program pricing allows me to offer retreats and workshops at a lower cost to income-challenged communities, who need spiritual nourishment as much as groups who are more financially stable. 


My dream is to offer one retreat free of cost for every four for which I receive compensation!


Thank you for helping me to bring this work to ALL who desire it.  Your generosity at the higher scaled fee levels helps to create a true sense of the interdependence of all communities of faith in bringing God’s goodness into the world.

If even the lowest scale fees are not possible for your organization, consider co-hosting a retreat with a neighboring parish.  Please please be in touch with me if you are concerned about the cost.  I am committed to bringing God’s spiritual gifts to all people who wish to receive them – and I trust that where God leads, God provides for our needs.  I am open to the Holy Spirit’s creativity to help us!

*Full Weekend Retreat Program consists of 15 program hours:

Friday evening 6pm – 9pm

Saturday 9am – 12 noon; 1pm – 4pm;  6pm – 9pm

Sunday morning, either before or after mass or community worship

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