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“Karen has the ability to notice the spiritual particularities in a group of people. Notice and then follow up to allow ownership of the spiritual experience one is craving. After this unique ability to feel seen, Karen then practices the art of asking questions and listening so as to process the experience. What am I saying?  Karen's emotional intelligence has allowed me to bring more of myself into the world.”

Sarah-Jo G-L

LTJG, United States Navy


“I spent an evening with Karen and Catherine of Siena. Karen has truly mastered the art of facilitating a workshop on spirituality. One might be afraid of being sucked into a lecture, but Karen’s workshop was a transcendent experience that made Catherine and her spiritual practices real and forever changed my own spiritual practice.”

Timothy D.

Yale Divinity School


“I was gifted with the opportunity to witness Karen’s passion for St. Catherine unfold as she grew into God’s call to usher others into similar spiritual awakenings through careful and prayerful reading and reflection.  Having attended a workshop led by her, Karen’s spiritual kinship with St. Catherine is inspiring and dynamic.  Listening to her journey and opening myself to engage in sacred conversation as she taught us was one of the most refreshing and renewing faith experiences I have had in recent memory.”

Susan T.

D. Min candidate, Andover Newton Theological School

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