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Walking with Mary, the First Witness

One of the great spiritual devotions of the Christian tradition is the gift of the Holy Rosary.  When we pray with Mary, the Mother of Jesus, through the mysteries of the Rosary, we join her in becoming:

  • witnesses to the life of Christ,

  • witnesses to God’s promises made real, and

  • witnesses to the power of radical love.

When we accompany her we, too, know:

  • the joy of Jesus’ birth,

  • the power of His ministry,

  • the trauma of His death, and

  • the gift of His resurrection.  

And in being with Mary, we can become ever more deeply in love with Jesus.  For who better to teach us about Him than HIs Mother, the First Witness?  Come, walk with her.  Pray with her.  Listen to her.  Receive her love and wisdom.


The Mysteries of the Rosary offer us the opportunity to pray for particular spiritual gifts.  These retreats slow down our engagement with Mary on this journey, focusing deeply on one set of Mysteries, soaking in God’s grace and love.

Each retreat includes: 

  • 3-hour program segments, each dedicated to one of the mysteries within the Mystery we are walking with Mary.

  • Opening and closing worship, as well as prayer during each meeting session.

  • Presentation of scripture and historical reflection associated with each mystery.

  • Discussion of theological and spiritual gifts desired in the mystery.

  • Guided instruction in the Dialectical Written Prayer Method©.

  • Facilitated discussions and harvesting of spiritual gifts.

  • Group prayer focused on each mystery and the spiritual fruits we seek by praying with Mary in that space.

  • Handouts for additional reading and reflection.

Best Time of Year?

  • These retreats can be scheduled at any time throughout the year.

  • Or ….. consider planning your retreat to complement a particular liturgical season:

    • The Joyful Mysteries:  Advent

    • The Luminous Mysteries:  Lent

    • The Sorrowful Mysteries:  Lent

    • The Glorious Mysteries:  Easter

  • Or ….. create a series of retreats and walk the entire Rosary with Mary between December and May.

Who Should Attend?

  • Open to all community members, including ministers and leaders.

  • Parents who wish to bring the gift of the Rosary to their children.

  • Anyone who has prayed the Rosary.


  • 3-day retreats:  5 3-hour sessions (Fri evening through Sun morning)

  • Schedule permitting, these retreats may also be scheduled as five consecutive evenings (Sunday – Thursday) during special liturgical seasons

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