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Why the Focus on Women's Spirituality?

I have often said (only somewhat tongue-in-cheek!) that our Faith Fathers, particularly in the Christian tradition, have had more than enough airtime for the past 2,000+ years and that it is time to let our Mothers’ voices sing! 


In Genesis 1:27 we learn that God created all humankind in God’s image and likeness, male and female.  To be whole, as God created us, we must welcome the voices that are missing from our traditional conversations.  The wisdom and spirituality and beauty of our Faith Mothers has so much to teach us about God and each other.  In lifting up our spiritual Mothers’ voices, I believe we will gain a deeper love for God and receive a deeper love from God as we are awakened to a new kind of beauty of the Spirit. 


These gifts can only add to all that we have already learned and received from our Faith Fathers.  To that end, the retreats I offer draw from the lives and work and writings of the women who have come before us, women from the Gospels, women who were named saints, and women whose “ordinary holiness” calls to that which is holy in ourselves. 


I believe that men will also receive generously the wisdom that our Faith Mothers want to share, and I hope many men will receive the gift of allowing our Mothers to companion them in their journeys. 

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